How Many Wedding Programs to Order?

"How Many Wedding Programs Should I Order?" This is a question that I'm asked on a daily basis, so I figurred that it's something that people are wanting to know. I normally tell my customers that if they are planning on 250 guests, then they should order around 200 programs. Usually, a couple will get one rather than each person.

If you have program attendants (people handing out programs), you can tell them to only hand out one program per person. But, keep in mind that a lot of women (who have husband's like mine who hate getting dressed up and doing any social), will come to the wedding alone -- so don't cut the number of wedding programs you order in half , or you won't have enough. Also, make sure that you are ordering enough for your wedding party and for keepsakes for yourself.

There is one exception to this -- if you are planning on sitting one wedding program in each seat, then of course, you will need one program for each person that is there. It does look very nice to display your programs this way, but it will cost you more since you will have to order one for each person.

I live in a very small town and they do the strangest thing here -- they don't send wedding invitations locally, but just to out of town guests. Then, they put one invitation in the local newspaper and area church bulletins. This is a great cost-saving thing, but it doesn't help at all when you are planning on a total number of guests! For those of you like that -- my best answer is to ask other brides in your area who have gotten married recently how many guests they had in attendance, so that you will have something to go by...