Mother of the Bride Dresses

Finding the perfect Mother of the Bride dress can be a challenge. Recently, I observed as a friend frantically searched for a dress to wear to her daughter's wedding.  It was a morning wedding. The dress needed to have that lovely just below the knee length - not too long and not too short.  

Color was also an issue. My friend had studied too many wedding photos where the Mother of the Bride or the Mother of the Groom wore brightly colored dresses that distracted from the overall photo.  A softer color was desired.  Elegance was a priority.

We spent hours searching the internet for dresses.  Dozens of speciality shops were consulted. My friend eventually found her dress in Montgomery, Alabama at Chantilly Boutique.  The dress was made by Mon Cheri. 

Tips for Finding a Mother of the Bride Dress:
  • Consult with friends whose daughters have recently married.  Where did they find dresses?  Visit those stores.
  • Use the internet to find the style(s) you like.  
  • Print pictures of the dresses to show shop owners so they will know for what you are looking. 
  • Start early.
  • Get your daughter's approval. 
  • If all else fails, email me.  I can help you look.  
Happy hunting,


How to Freeze Wedding Cake

Saving the top layer of the wedding cake, if stored properly, can be a meaningful and delicious part of a couple's anniversary celebration.  Wiregrass Weddings' Laurie Chapman had a three-tiered basket weave cake in all white.  Like many brides, she saved the top layer for later. 

Last week, Laurie's mom called to tell her that she found her wedding cake.  Laurie and Jim were married on March 21, 1998!  Regardless of how well a cake is packaged, ten years is too long.

WikiHow(dot)com has the following suggestions for freezing wedding cakes:

1.  Wrap cake in aluminum foil

2.  Place wrapped cake in sealable baggy.

3.  Secure wrapped and sealed cake in a metal tin to protect from getting smooshed in the freezer.

It is important to freeze cake as soon as possible, so don't wait until after your honeymoon. Before the reception, decide who will be in charge of packaging the portion of the cake you choose to freeze.

Happy  freezing,

Hand Assembly Included

Thanks Laurie. It is so much fun to be a part of Laurie's productions. The energy in her office is amazing. There is always a phone call to answer and a wedding program to nurture. Laurie understands what it takes to make her brides happy. I've never heard her say that something could not be done. Behind the scenes at Laurie's looks like a talented group of people working diligently to make each client's wedding day special.

Laurie and her team focus a lot of their time and energy on wedding programs. Each program is hand assembled and checked for quality. We live in a day and age when phone calls are outsourced and speaking with an automated computer is the norm. There is no press one for programs, two for invitations, three for operator at Wiregrass Weddings. Clients speak directly to the creators of their one of a kind programs.

If I were a bride in search of programs, it would matter to me that my programs came from a business started by a young mom. It would matter to me that she employs a tribe of talented women who seek to make a difference in their own worlds. It is easy for me to see that around here, it is more than just a program.

Happy Monday.

Oh, Suzanah!

I'm excited about tomorrow -- my good friend, Suzanah, will be coming over to help me keep up with my blog!  She is a gifted writer and will be in charge of putting all of my blog post ideas on the site for you.  Just to give you a little background on Suzanah, I would like to give you a brief introduction...  Suzanah is an ordained minister.  She was ordained in the Baptist church, but currently is serving my local non-denominational church (Covenant Community Church) as the "global minister in residence".  Basically, what that means is that she helps us to focus our thoughts, energy, gifts and talents on worldy issues.  She has traveled to Africa several times to volunteer at a children's home, but her main day-to-day tasks include heading up a maternal health initiative where 60 birthing attendants in Haiti are given monthly supplies and annual supplies.  They are supplied with enough "birthing kits" to attend a total of 600 births per month. 

That being said, I'm happy to be welcoming Suzanah to the bunch.  She is an inspiration to be around and a great friend as well.

That's your cue, Suzanah -- take it away!