Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Milling around the offices of Wiregrass Weddings I stumbled upon this ever so lovely wedding invitation.  Designed by WW program associate Lyndsay Elliott, this invitation is one for the scrapbook.  

Lately I've been wrapped up in all things wedding programs, but this invitation turned my gaze. I'm thinking about hosting a wedding just so I can have some of these printed!

Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

A friend of a friend is getting married soon.  A shower was held and there were many, many hostesses.  Thank you gifts for the tribe of women throwing the party were needed.  In place of the typical picture frame, candle, or crystal dish, the bride baked miniature pound cakes. Attached was a printed recipe straight from her future grandmother-in-law's kitchen.  Very nice. 

Now I love a good picture frame and candles can be nice, but why not save a little money and create something more handmade and personal?  My hostess friend thought it was a lovely idea. A yummy treat and nothing new to dust.  I consider that a success.