Money Saving Wedding Engagement Photo Tips

Affordable wedding engagement photos are possible. To save money consider the following suggestions:

  • Have a friend use her  snazzy digital camera to capture you and your beloved in a variety of locations and poses. Once you've chosen your favorite photo setup, negotiate a shorter sitting fee with your photographer. Time is money.
  • Check craigslist for up and coming photographers ready to give you a deal.
  • Poll your friends to see if any are in need of a professional headshot for their website or portfolio. Some photographers will offer shared sitting fees or a package deal for multiple clients.  
  • Use your engagement photo as the design for your save the date card.  

"Should I Have a Wedding Program?"

Wedding programs are quickly becoming  a treasured keepsake for family and friends. They provide a special touch and useful information for guests. The wedding program is the back stage pass to ceremonies. It gives those present the pertinent behind the scenes information that serves to include guests regardless of their friendship level with the couple.

Consult the Wiregrass Weddings website here, for wedding program sample wording.
The staff does an excellent job of walking clients through the process of program set up. Regardless of your budget, there are beautiful designs from which to choose.

Watch this video for a detailed look at "The Jackie" wedding program. Listen as Laurie explains options for ribbon color and font choices.

How to Choose a First Dance Song

Depending on the location of your wedding reception, there may be dancing. If so, are you ready for your debut dance as a married couple? There are first dance songs to consider and steps to learn. Some couples love the idea of being the center of attention as an awed crowd watches them waltz. To some this may be spine chilling.

If you are planning a first dance consider the following tips:
  • Choose a first dance song that fits your favorite dance moves. Are you comfortable with the two-step? Find a two-stepping love song that will bring a smile to the crowd and joy to your heart. Shake things up a bit. It isn't written in stone that your first dance has to be to a slow tune.
  • Carefully consider the song's wording. Not all love songs mean well.
  • Practice your moves before the reception. After the song is chosen, grab your partner and rehearse. 
  • Whatever your final song and style choice, move with confidence on the dance floor. Save the sheepish grins and shrugging shoulders for your caterer. Give your guests the show they deserve. 

Wedding Venues

How clever of the writers of Sarah Jessica Parker's latest movie to choose the New York City Public Library for Carrie Bradshaw's wedding venue. Recently I stopped by to see what all the fuss was about. The library is indeed a fabulous space.

So, where does the average girl get married these days? 
1. House of Worship (Church, Temple, or other religious space)
2. Court House
3. A family member's lawn.
4. An exotic destination.

Of course my list is not exhaustive. There are many creative options available for those willing to look. The bride and groom may, for sentimental reasons, feel the need to get married near one of their home towns or close to the location where they first met. Several of my college friends chose to have their ceremonies at our college's chapel. 

Before choosing the location it is a good idea to consider who should attend. If it is important to the bride and groom that grandparents and extended family be present, they must keep in mind grandparents aren't always physically able to make a long trip. Extended family members aren't always keen on the expense that a destination wedding requires.  

If the couple is looking for an intimate affair with only their closest of friends, small venues and destination weddings can meet their needs with ease.


Almost Wedding Cake

Friends, New York City is buzzing with spring wedding features. Tis the season. 

While in the city on Saturday I used my GPS to find wedding stores and ran across one called the Wedding Cafe. I got very excited about the possibility of purchasing a big fluffy piece of wedding cake. Surely the Wedding Cafe has all things cake and punch, I thought. 

Turns out the cafe is actually a wedding resource center and a place for vendors to meet with clients. Wedding Ideas and Advice is its own resource center. So let me take this time to remind you of some of our favorite vendors:


Laurie and her divas have recently created a fabulous new line of programs. Delicious.

Affordable Engagement Rings

One carat, two carat, three carat, more? For the soon to be and newly engaged, where do you find quality yet reasonably priced diamond rings? Recently, a friend of mine found hers at a pawn shop. Her uncle is on the board of the American Association of Pawn Shops and advised her to at peruse the selection in area stores. My friend took the proposed diamond she found to an appraiser to make sure it was what she wanted. The purchase was made and she and her fiance are having the ring reset.

Weddings on a budget can be a thoughtful adventure. Purchasing a vintage engagement ring is not for everyone, but for those who are willing, enjoy the hunt.