Awesome Wedding Cake Idea

I saw the neatest idea today and just wanted to share it with you! I found it at www(dot)cakesbycremedelacreme(dot)com. They have a link on their site that says "Table and Individual". What they did was to put a small wedding cake at each table. One that serves 8-12 people. I love this idea because your guests don't have to wait in line for a piece of the cake, and you save money on centerpieces! Plus, it's something totally unique that I've never seen done before.

While looking at wedding cake sites (I don't know how I got onto that this morning), I also stumbled upon these awesome websites:

* Mike's Amazing Cakes - www(dot)mikesamazingcakes(dot)com

* New Ranaissance Cakes - www(dot)newrenaissancecakes(dot)com

Also, I think that the cupcake idea is adorable, especially for a kid's table at the wedding... Here's a site that is devoted only to cupcakes:

* Trophy Cupcakes - www(dot)trophycupcakes(dot)com

And one more idea to satisfy your sweet tooth -- I've had a handful of bride's mention to me that rather than doing a "big basket" full of stuff to leave in the hotel rooms for their out-of-town guests, they are opting for something smaller, cheaper and just as thoughtful... So, here's a great idea -- what about these precious hand decorated wedding cookies? Chrissie Schubert is the daughter of the nationally known "Sister Schubert" (the yummy yeast roll lady). Also, for all of you that are local to the "Wiregrass" they are one of our own, from Andalusia, Alabama. Her website is www(dot)cstreats(dot)com.

Now I'm hungry!