Incorporating Images in your Wedding Programs

Pictures or images help create a wedding program unique to your ceremony. Just like cover designs or dividers, you may submit a photograph or other image to use in your wedding program for no additional charge. Many times couples include pictures of themselves, but incorporating an image can serve other purposes as well. For instance, we provided wedding programs for a ceremony in which both the bride and groom's fathers were deceased. So, the couple decided to include pictures of them with their dads on one page of the program.

In the wedding program pictured here, the couple wanted to highlight the ceremony location which was The Citadel, a historic military institution in South Carolina. They sent us this image, and we sent them these beautiful wedding programs!

The wedding program shown is a "Kate" layout with black satin ribbon.


Anonymous said...

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John david said...

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Michelle Courtney DeFiore said...

This is a great blog. I've read some of the posts and it really helped me since I am already engaged and the wedding is already on the planning stage. I think this is one of the best wedding program wording ideas, especially if you want your programs to be a bit unique.